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Market update - Sales of L-category vehicles registered a decrease of 15% at the end of September
12 Nov 2013

Q3 2013 ends with a -14.7% YTD, and -12% reduction compared to the same quarter in 2012. Despite these little encouraging indicators, the degradation affecting the EU motorcycle market seems to have slowed down as sales of L-category vehicles in September are down by 8.5% compared to September 2012. A growth can be reported for September (10.2%) compared to the previous month.

Powered two-wheelers in the next decade: perspectives of the new EU Legislative Framework
03 Oct 2013

On 6 November in the context of the 71st International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, ANCMA, the Italian Association representing the Motorcycle Industry will be hosting a conference dedicated to the deployment of the new European type approval regulation relating to two, three and four wheeled vehicles.

Reducing environmental impact, improving both functional safety of vehicles and market surveillance represent the main pillars of the new legislative package entering into force in January 2016 for new type approved vehicles belonging to L-categories.

The conference aims at shedding light on the implications that the new type approval regulation will have on the industry. While manufacturers are required to develop new technologies to address stricter environmental and safety requirements, National Administrations will be called for a more efficient market surveillance. 

The panel will be formed by Wim van de Camp, Member of the European Parliament, rapporteur of the legislative text, and Antti Peltomäki, Deputy Director General of DG Enterprise of the European Commission. Jacques Compagne, ACEM Secretary General and Maurizio Vitelli, from the Italian Ministry of Transport will be joined in the panel discussion by representatives of Piaggio and Ducati who will present the view of the industry on the deployment of the new legislation.

The conference will also address the opportunities for the motorcycle industry residing in the CARS 2020 action plan of the European Commission, which aims at supporting innovation and improving regulation thus reinforcing this industry's competitiveness and sustainability heading towards 2020.

The main challenge of the new regulation lies in its technical provisions, introducing new concepts, such as the obligation to provide all market operators with Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI), the obligation to use ABS and OBD on motorcycles as original equipment, as well as new prescriptions for evaporative emissions and durability.

The conference will try to address issues such the consequence of the new legislative framework on the competiveness of the European motorcycle Industry, the technologies needed to comply with stricter requirements in terms of pollution and safety and, finally, the impact on the PTWs sector, including the component manufacturers. 

The new EU legislation comes at a time when the economic crisis is dramatically altering the European motorcycle sector, which today employs around 130.000 people, seeing sales’ volumes shrink by 47% since 2007.

The hosts of the event, Corrado Capelli, President of Confindustria ANCMA and Pierfrancesco Caliari, Director General of Confindustria ANCMA, hope that this will be the opportunity for all the EU actors of the motorcycle sector to realistically assess the future scenario and the challenges for the industry.

The conference will take place at the Milan Fair (Rho) on Wednesday 6th November 2013.

For any information, please contact: Federico Vitale, Confindustria ANCMA, Mobile +39.342.6199354


 (updated 8.10.2013)

The German IFZ developed a quality label for motorcycle training programmes
03 Oct 2013

The German Institute for Powered Two-Wheeler Safety (Ifz, Institut für Zweiradsicherheit) has developed a quality label designed for driving schools that prove an outstanding level of motorcycle training programmes.

Market update - Sales of L-category vehicles registered a decrease of 15% at the end of August
30 Sep 2013

The summer period appears to have come to a sudden halt in August as sales of L-category vehicles have suffered a further -15.4% year to date. The degradation is in line with previous months, however it is more marked when compared to the same month in 2012 (-30.8%).

Market update - Sales of L-category vehicles registered a decrease of 15% at the end of July
28 Aug 2013

The degradation of PTW sales in the European Powered Two-Wheelers market is persisting, mainly pulled down by Italy.

In many EU markets the summer slightly eased the steep drop affecting sales of L-category vehicles since 2008. Italy’s negative results (-31.5%) however heavily impacted the overall performance.

Enthusiasm and fun shared at EU motorcycle ride across Brussels yesterday
27 Jun 2013

Yesterday motorcycle riders from all over Europe gathered at Brussels’ Cinquantenaire for their yearly parade jointly organised by FEMA, ACEM and FEBIAC. The square in front of the Autoworld museum, not far from the European Institutions, was transformed in a colourful display of motorcycles and scooters of all sizes and types, attracting the curiosity of passers-by.

Cars and motorcycles talk to each other in research project demonstrating new ways to safer and more efficient mobility
25 Jun 2013

 Cars and motorcycles talk to each other in research project demonstrating new ways to safer and more efficient mobility. Motorcycles from manufacturer BMW Motorrad were part of simTD, a wide field project involving 120 vehicles and spanning over four years. 

Market update - Sales of L-category vehicles registered a decrease of 15% at the end of May
25 Jun 2013

ACEM statistical service reports a 15% decline in the European Powered Two-Wheelers market for 2013 so far. Since the beginning of 2013 ACEM has been reporting monthly double digit drops. Economic stagnation in southern countries and widespread unemployment rates, especially among young people are the main causes of the troubled situation affecting the PTW market since 2008 keeping the motorcycle market down in May at -15% year to date.

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