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The decline of PTW registrations in the countries monitored by ACEM, settled at -12.57% during the first three quarters of 2012. The two-digit drop, albeit sizeable, marks a stabilization of the negative trend observed since the beginning of the year.

The registration figures of the European motorcycle market continue to raise concern with a 13.3% drop for the first semester 2012.


graph-declineWith a drop of 15% in the January - May 2012 period the European PTW market seems unable to arrest sales decline

With a drop of 8,2% the European PTW market continues to raise concerns among manufacturers and dealers.

Powered-two wheelers: the smart choice for urban mobility
01 Feb 2012

Europe’s cities are main engines of economic growth, but today’s urbanisation trends are generating increased congestion, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, noise, waste of energy and avoidable associated costs. Quality of life and prosperity in European cities rely on efficient and sustainable mobility while economic and individual development of citizens depend also on affordable and adaptable transport options.

ACEM's brochure is aimed at highlighting the advantages of PTWs, which today also include tricycles, minicars, and light commercial quadricycles. Powered-two wheelers are a great solution in everyday travel in cities combining low running costs with ease of use and extreme flexibility, adapting to the needs of individual mobility in today's increasingly congested cities.

Documents available to download

Powered-two wheelers: the smart choice for urban mobility [pdf]

Motorcycle industry reinforces advertising policy with road safety in mind
20 Jul 2010

ACEM, the Motorcycle Industry in Europe, today announced the reinforcement of its advertising policy detailing the commitment of ACEM Members to improve the road safety of motorcycle, scooter and moped riders. This set of guidelines outlines a common approach to socially responsible communication, which will be applied across the 27 Member States of the European Union where ACEM members operate.

ACEM 2010 industry report
29 Jan 2010

The 2010 ACEM report is now available in full online. The study examines in detail the state of the L-category industry in the EU and examines the importance of a wide range of European policies for the sector, including transport, road safety, industrial and international trade policies.

It also provides concrete and actionable recommendations for policy-makers and regulators at European, national and local level to reap the societal benefits of motorcycling.

Documents available to download

ACEM 2010 industry report [pdf]

Safety Plan for Action
01 Dec 2008

Safety is a top priority for the Powered two-wheeler industry. ACEM, the Motorcycle Industry in Europe, dedicates energy and resources to acquiring and analysing data regarding road safety and powered-two wheelers in order to identify and prioritize areas for improvements. This process follows an integrated approach looking at human, vehicle and infrastructure related factors, seeking to involve policymakers and other relevant stakeholders at European, national and local level.

Documents available to download

ACEM - A safety plan for action (2008) [pdf]

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