The Role of Powered Two Wheelers : making a contribution to EU transport policies and society.

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Recently we have seen a significant increase in motorcycling in several EU countries, with people turning to motorcycles to beat congestion, and as a leisure activity. City-dwellers as well as commuters are requiring alternatives to daily traffic problems and motorcycling is becoming an increasingly popular mode of transport.

National strategies for motorcycling have seen the light with clear programmes of action clearly defined in some EU countries, while important initiatives including better training to take skills to a higher level; improving rider and driver attitudes and behaviour; improved motorbike design; better designed infrastructure and smarter traffic management already exist in some others. These countries have understood that promoting Powered Two-Wheelers would greatly improve urban life and integrating Powered Two-Wheelers in transport policies has become a clear priority for them.

The annual Motorcycle & Society Conference wished to highlight these initiatives, and so contribute taking forward measures that can make a positive difference for motorcycling. Motorcyclists are part of the society and have their own role to play and motorcycling is a legitimate mode of transport.

The Motorcycle Industry calls for Powered Two Wheeler taking its proper place in the transport mainstream as a safe, affordable means of transport, particularly for all the organisations involved in the development and implementation of transport policy.

The ACEM Conference was an important opportunity to present the challenging world of Powered Two Wheelers.

Speeches and downloads

Motorcycling in London
Bernie Hewing
Strategy Manager, Traffic and Highway
Transport for London - Surface Transport


Powered Two Wheelers economic contribution to society
Andrea Beretta Zanoni
Partner, Ambrosetti
The European House
Professor of Business Economics and Strategic Management
Milan Bicocca UniversityBusiness Economics and Strategic Management


Polluting emissions, not a problem anymore
Leo Mercanti
Vice President of ACEM
Manager Brand Aprilia - Piaggio Group


Safety progress for Powered Two Wheelers
Federico Minoli
Vice-President of ACEM
Managing Director of Ducati Motors


Making a contribution to EU transport policies & society
Herbert Diess
President of ACEM
Managing Director BMW Motorrad



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