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Opening by Bernd Lange MEP

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Keynote speech by Mattia Pellegrini Member of the Cabinet of Antonio Tajani, European Commission’s Vice President, commissioner responsible for Transport and commissioner-designate for Industry and Entrepreneurship

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Introductory address by Jacques Compagne, ACEM Secretary General

Welcome speech of Stefan Pierer, ACEM President, CEO KTM

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Speech by Virgilio Ranocchiari, Rapporteur on the opinion “Industrial change and prospects for the PTW industry”, CCMI - European Economic and Social Committe

Panel discussion moderated by Bernd Lange, Member of the European Parliament:

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Mark Davies, General Manager Honda Motor Europe

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Gabriele Del Torchio, CEO & President Ducati Motor Holding

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Giacomo Mattinó, Deputy Head of Unit Automotive Industry DG Enterprise

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“The worst economic and financial crisis in decades has hit Europe hard with a sharp economic contraction.” This undisputed fact introduces the European Commission’s consultation on the future EU 2020 Strategy, which is being designed as the successor to the current Lisbon Strategy, and drawing on the response to the crisis in the European Economic Recovery Plan.

The Motorcycle industry in Europe was deeply affected by the economic and financial crisis. With limited support from Member States, in 2009 registrations have fallen steeply across Europe reaching a 25% drop over 2008.

The motorcycle sector employs 150.000 people across Europe. It is a sector making strong efforts in these difficult times. However industrial policy becomes all the more important in the current economic context. Demand and confidence must be encouraged if recovery is to be successfully and permanently achieved, limiting damages to employment. Access to credit is crucial to support daily business and mid and long-term investments. More importantly, looking ahead, the regulatory framework must be predictable, phasing in targets which are in sync with design, production and the market.

Making EU 2020 happen, the roadmap requires concerted action between industry and policy-makers. The Motorcycle industry is committed to playing its part.

The ACEM Annual Conference provides the opportunity to have an overview of the motorcycle sector, and engage policy-makers, professionals and company managers in productive discussions – so that current challenges may be turned into opportunities.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 6th ACEM Annual Conference and to a fruitful exchange.

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