Transposition of the 3rd Driving Licence Directive

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Overview of the transposition of the Third Driving Licence Directive in the Member States - Agnes Reikl, CIECA
The Third Driving License Directive - Gilles Bergot, DGMOVE, European Commission
The transposition of the Third Driving Licence Directive in Germany - Reinhard Meyer, TÜV SÜD, Germany
The transposition of the Third Driving Licence Directive in Great Britain - Paul Butler, DSA, Great Britain
The transposition of the Third Driving Licence Directive in Spain - Marta Carrera Doncel, Dirección General de Tráfico, Spain
The transposition of the Third Driving Licence Directive in Sweden, Per Olof Stenlund, Transportstyrelsen, Sweden
List of participants
ACEM's response to the public consultation on training
Opening speech
Bike Safety Competition fact sheet

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Brussels 6.5.2010 | Report of the workshop

With its "Europe 2020" strategy, Europe is laying the foundations for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The role of transport in making the economy function, regain strength and respond to new political challenges is explicitly recognised in the strategy's seven flagship initiatives. Transport is an essential backbone of the EU economy and, indeed, of EU society.

ACEM, supported by its partners CIECA, FIM and FEMA, hosted a workshop on the transposition of the third driving licence directive (2006/126/EC) on 6th May 2010. Licensing plays an important role in achieving the goals of the European internal market, improving mobility and road safety. Powered Two-Wheelers (PTW) contribution to mobility, sustainable urban development and to the EU society as a whole could be much greater on the condition that EU Member States consider the creation of a favourable environment for PTW mobility and safety improvement as one of the main priorities in their national transport policy.

Experts from 12 countries gathered in Brussels to discuss and explore PTW mobility opportunities and safety initiatives, sharing views and questions raised in the context of the transposition of the third driving licence directive. Following an opening presentation by the European Commission and an overview by CIECA of the Member States’ intentions for the transposition of the motorcycling provisions in the third driving licence directive, representatives from Sweden, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany shared their current initiatives, future intentions and questions in view of meeting the 19th January 2011 - deadline for transposing the text of the directive.

This forum has clearly shown that there is a great disparity in the country progress towards the integration and implementation of the directive, which contains new provisions governing the access to the different categories of Powered Two-Wheelers (PTWs) and giving a wide range of options to MS. Hence public and internal consultations, brainstorming sessions, first draft legislations, proposals awaiting approval just to mention few of the intensive activities being undertaken at national level, but final decisions could be expected after the summer break or even at the end of the year 2010. In seeking to encourage progressive access to PTWs, some MS will support training for PTW riders moving from one category of vehicle to another, whilst others will support testing mainly for historical reasons or due to the lack of appropriate training facilities and adequate number of highly qualified trainers.

The Deputy Head of the Road Safety Unit of DG MOVE also contributed to the fruitful discussions inviting stakeholders to inform the European Commission about any major concern and difficulty in view of the transposition of the directive.

Some issues related to the directive were raised, such as:

Minimum test vehicle requirements (Annex II):

  • Motorcycles currently available are not widely manufactured to the minimum test vehicle requirements set out in Annex II for new A2machines
  • Seem to be too close together (A2:400cm³ and 25 kW; A 600cm³ and 40 kW)
  • Electric vehicles are automatically excluded by the current text due to the cylinder capacity requirement
  • Suggestion to specify just engine power, not engine power and cylinder capacity.

Progressive access (Annex VI):

  • Member states should choose training or testing, could they choose both?

Anticipation by some Member States:

  • Which are the implications in terms of freedom of movement for people and goods coming from the early application of the directive by Spain and Slovenia (before foreseen date of 19 January 2013)? Will newly issued licenses be recognised by other EU MS? In case of accident, will vehicle insurance coverage apply?


The EC and MS will seek to find solutions for these and other open questions. Last but not least, the demonstrations of the awarded manoeuvres of the Bike safety Competition have been performed in the frame of the workshop. The Bike safety Competition had been launched in 2009 to collect examples of the best rider training exercises currently available. PTW trainers were invited to submit their favourite rider training exercises, focusing on one or more of the top 10 accident causation factors for PTWs (according to MAIDS – An effective and original pedagogical concept was considered to be one of the most important criteria for the selection of a good training exercise: The rider is informed by the trainer beforehand, but he ends up with his own solution. The possibility to combine rider’s own experience with the experience of other motorcycle riders/participants in the frame of the training contributes also to raising of the safety awareness and hazard perception (for more information go to Bike safety Competition Fact Sheet).

The fact that this event attracted a multitude of stakeholders as: PTW manufacturers, national PTW associations, riders’ organisations, European and state institutions has proved once more the necessity of a very strong collaboration among all interested stakeholders at national and local level in view of the transposition of the third driving licence directive.

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