MEPs vote against inclusion of PTWs in scope of new Periodic Technical Inspection
31 May 2013
The Commission had proposed to extend EU rules on mandatory vehicle-testing to include motorcycles and scooters. A proposal to introduce minimum European Union standards for roadworthiness tests on motorcycles was rejected by members of the European…
European PTW market down 18.2% in April 2013 due to never-ending winter conditions
24 May 2013
24.5.2013 - Youth unemployment has heavy impact on entry level PTW sales. A protracted rainy and cold climate in April has delayed the start of the motorcycling season. Dramatic unemployment statistics for European Youth are also…
Honda launches 3rd edition of its road safety competition "Rider of the Year" in June in Spain
26 Apr 2013
Honda’s successful road safety competition, rewarding riders who demonstrate road safety awareness, will be held in June in Spain.
Market update - European powered two-wheeler market fell 23.8% in the first quarter of 2013.
25 Apr 2013
The first quarter of 2013 ended down by 23.8%, with Southern Europe continuing to be a motive of serious concern. In March the European PTW market posted the year-on-year decline of 30.6% over the same…
Market update - Full updated year 2012. CIACEM confirms the drop of the European PTW market by 12.7%
18 Mar 2013
CIACEM confirms the drop of the  European PTW market by 12.7%.  As announced at ACEM's annual conference, the European market for motorcycles, scooters, tricycles and other vehicles belonging to the L-category, has declined for the…
UK Prime Minister praises Wheels to Work as part of the government’s ‘Big Society’
26 Feb 2013
Recognising role of Powered Two-Wheelers in rural areas UK Prime Minister’s bestowed ‘Big Society’ award for Wheels 2 Work scheme. The idea behind the awards is to recognise organisations or individuals who have contributed significantly to the…
Market update - Sales of L-category vehicles in the EU start 2013 in the negative: -18.5%.
21 Feb 2013
Powered Two-Wheelers sales in the EU start 2013 in the negative: -18.5%. Compared to the same period in 2012 mopeds drop 20.8%, while motorcycles lose 17.3%. Germany is the market reporting fewer losses (-4.5%) due…
ACEM presented the view of the industry at Public Hearing on Periodic Technical Inspection
24 Jan 2013
On January 22, the Committee on Transport and Tourism of the European Parliament held a public hearing on the roadworthiness package. ACEM was invited to present the view of the industry. Antonio Perlot, ACEM Public Affairs Manager, presented…

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