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ACEM signed the European Road Safety Charter and announced its Brake Commitment

The Motorcycle Industry in Europe supports European Commission initiative to save 20,000 lives and signed yesterday the European Road Safety Charter. It announced its commitment to supply progressivily their powered two-wheelers with advanced braking systems.

The European Road Safety Charter is part of the European Road Safety Action Programme, a European Commission initiative aiming at reducing by 50% the number of road accident victims by 2010. To contribute to achieving this target, the Commission invited every group of civil society to sign the Charter and to commit themselves to undertake concrete measures.

The newly elected Vice-President Federico Minoli and Jacques Compagne, ACEM’s new Secretary General, participated in the signature ceremony of the EU Road Safety Charter. On behalf of ACEM Members, Mr Minoli signed the Charter.

The ceremony took place yesterday 6th of April in Dublin and was presided by Seamus Brennan, the Irish Minister of Transport, in the presence of EU Commissioner Loyola de Palacio, Ari Vatanen, Member of the EU parliament, Pat Cox, President of the EU parliament, Michael Schumacher, and Max Mosley, President of the FIA.

The Motorcycle Industry in Europe announced its commitment to supply progressively their powered two-wheelers with advanced braking systems taking into account their distinctive characteristics and cost-effectivenesss of the technical solutions. This commitment will result in the availability of a majority of street models equipped with advanced braking systems in 2010.

By signing the Charter and annoucing its Brake Commitment, the Motorcycle Industry in Europe demonstrated its continued long-term interest in the enhancement of road safety in Europe.

ACEM will regularly report on the progress of advanced braking systems available on the market.

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