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ACEM committed to play a role in the creation of a new urban mobility culture in Europe

Brussels, 27.9.2007 - ACEM, the Motorcycle Industry in Europe, welcomes the inclusion of Powered Two-Wheelers (PTWs, motorcycles and scooters) in the Green Paper on Urban Transport published by the European Commission earlier this week and looks forward to contributing to the creation of a new urban mobility culture in Europe.

The growing amount of traffic on urban roads requires policy makers to consider all mobility tools available - PTWs are effective solutions to problems caused by urban congestion, providing citizens and businesses with improved mobility and accessibility in cities.

For many urban trips PTWs are an alternative to the use of cars, freeing space for citizens and complementing public transport, thus successfully integrating urban traffic plans aiming at a sustainable transport system.

The Motorcycle industry is committed to work together with policymakers and stakeholders towards freeflowing towns and cities. ACEM will actively take part to the debate that will follow the publication of the Green Paper on Urban
Transport by addressing the theme of 'PTWs and urban mobility' at its annual conference, which will gather policymakers, city authorities and city representative associations.

The conference will reaffirm the industry's commitment to innovation and cooperation. How to enhance mobility while at the same time reducing congestion, accidents and pollution is a challenge that ACEM is determined to undertake together with EU legislators, city authorities and citizens organisations.

ACEM's annual conference will take place in Brussels on November 20th, 2007 at the Residence Palace.

Jacques Compagne, Secretary General of ACEM: ACEM agrees with the Commission's point of view that to be effective, urban mobility policies need to be based on an approach which is as integrated as possible, combining the most appropriate responses to each individual problem. PTWs represent a solution when mobility is considered. ACEM wants to play a central role in reaching the goal of freeflowing, green, safe and accessible cities.

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