Playing a part in the sustainability of transport
08 Oct 2015

Playing a part in the sustainability of transport

Motorcycles, mopeds, tricycles and quadricycles sold in the EU comply with strict limits on tailpipe emissions and other pollution sources of the vehicle, such as evaporative emissions from the fuelling system. This has been made possible by steady progress in vehicle technology, which has helped meet progressively tighter emission standards as European rules have developed.

The implementation of European environmental standards, usually referred to as ‘Euro’ standards, is a highly technical and complex process, which involves extensive research and data analysis, and requires close cooperation between public authorities and industry.

To this end, ACEM is actively engaged in a constructive dialogue with key stakeholders including the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the EU. The motorcycle industry advocates for standards that protect the environment and consumers, and are also technically attainable and economically viable. 

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