ACEM Advertising Guidelines
08 May 2015

ACEM Advertising Guidelines

To encourage safe and responsible behaviour whilst supporting and promoting safety enhancing features such as advanced braking systems, ACEM manufacturers have adopted a common Advertising Policy.

Communication and marketing can enhance safety-awareness. The Motorcycle Industry has therefore adopted a common policy on advertising with the goal of ensuring that all promotion and advertisements for powered two-wheelers destined for use on public roads show the powered two-wheelers used in a safe and responsible manner, in order to positively influence the attitude of the user.

The manufacturers' advertisement for powered two-wheelers will feature, where and when appropriate, a logo or message denoting a helmet and recommending that users ride responsibly and wear approved helmets.

Manufacturers have committed themselves to include details on safety-enhancing features in dealer training programmes. Powered two-wheelers advertisement, promotions and demonstrations will include details about safety enhancing features of the vehicle.

The ACEM Advertising Policy covers the following areas and entails the following actions:

1. Safety-oriented powered two-wheelers advertising content:

  • All riders and passengers shown in a riding position shall always wear a certified helmet and be shown in compliance with the relevant road safety regulations.
  • All promotion and advertisements, where deemed appropriate, shall show an insignia or a message denoting a helmet and a text recommending riders to ride responsibly and wear a certified helmet (e.g.: “ride safely, wear a helmet”).
  • When appropriate the advertisement shall indicate that the pictures have been shot on a circuit/closed road with a professional rider.

2. Promotion of safety-enhancing features:

  • Manufacturers shall include in any promotion and advertisement details of any safety-enhancing features of the advertised powered two-wheeler.

3. Promotion of dealer training programmes:

  • Manufacturers acknowledge the need for joint development and promotion of dealer training programmes on the Promotion & Advertising guidelines.
  • Manufacturers shall include in any dealer training details of any safety-enhancing features of their powered two-wheelers with the corresponding promotional material.

4. Media information:

  • Manufacturers shall inform the Media about and supply them with the ACEM Promotion and Advertising guidelines, with respect to the on-road testing of powered two-wheelers.


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This communication policy has been implemented by the European PTW Industry since January 2007 as part of a commitment to the European Road Safety Charter whereby ACEM engaged itself to contribute to the European Commission’s endeavour to reduce accidents. These guidelines were revised in 2010 and 2015, their scope broadened and their adoption reaffirmed in line with the motorcycle industry’s continuous efforts to improve riders’ safety in Europe.


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