The cartoon was developed by the European Motorcycle Industry within the framework of the European Road Safety Charter Brussels, 1.12.2009 - As the final episode of Lucky 13's road safety series is issued, the European…
The Safety Plan for Action of the motorcycle industry is now available for download
01 Dec 2008
Safety is a top priority for the Powered two-wheeler industry. ACEM, the Motorcycle Industry in Europe, dedicates energy and resources to acquiring and analysing data regarding road safety and powered-two wheelers in order to identify…
Protective Equipment for Riders, an industry-led safety campaign developed within the eSUM Project
01 Jan 2008
Motorcycling apparel can help motorcycle, scooter and moped riders reducing the effects of accidents. Nonetheless the benefits of good quality motorcycling clothing are still widely underestimated. With the aim of encouraging a wider take-up of…
Guidelines for PTW-safer road design in Europe. A handbook that describes the specific needs of riders
05 Apr 2006
Powered-two wheelers differ in their use of the road in a number of ways from other vehicles and riders have different needs. Predictable road geometry, good visibility, obstacle free zones and good quality road surface…

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