ACEM position paper on EU-India free trade negotiations
31 Jan 2008
Powered-two wheelers in India represent an essential means of personal transport providing Indian citizen with an efficient solution to urban congestion at affordable cost. More than 8 million units are sold in the country every…
ACEM 2008 industry report
01 Jan 2008
Europe has been a leading production base for powered two-wheelers since the invention of the motorcycle in the late 19th Century. More than a hundred years later, the motorcycle industry remains at the forefront when…
ACEM position paper on EU-South Korea free trade negotiations
19 Jun 2007
The motorcycle industry in Europe strongly supports further regulatory convergence, the simplification of administrative procedures and the gradual elimination of duties between the EU and South Korea. This would bring substantial benefits to companies and…
ACEM 2007 industry report
01 Jan 2007
Across much of Europe motorcycles and mopeds are part of everyday life: simple, affordable transport, accessible by young and old, mainly as an answer to urban traffic congestion and parking problems. This report examines the…

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