Guidelines for PTW-safer road design in Europe
05 Apr 2006
Powered-two wheelers differ in their use of the road in a number of ways from other vehicles and riders have different needs. Predictable road geometry, good visibility, obstacle free zones and good quality road surface…
ACEM 2005 industry report
01 Jan 2005
Across much of Europe motorcycles and mopeds are part of everyday life: simple, affordable transport, accessible by young and old, mainly as an answer to urban traffic congestion and parking problems. This report examines the…
Smart wheels on city streets
01 Oct 2004
Mobility plays a vital role in the economic strength and growth of all modern societies. With its great maneuverability , fuel efficiency , lightness and compact size the motorcycle is the right answer to cities'…
Striving against traffic noise
08 Jun 2004
This brochure deals with the field of noise exposure and all kind of means to reduce the noise from powered-two wheelers. It aims to fill the information gap and to dispel prejudice. Documents available to…

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