The French Association for the Training of Motorcyclists receives the ACEM-DVR European Training Quality Label
18 Sep 2017

The French Association for the Training of Motorcyclists receives the ACEM-DVR European Training Quality Label

The French Association for the Training of Motorcyclists (AFDM, Association pour la formation des motards) has been awarded the European Training Quality Label by ACEM-DVR. The award follows an on-the-sport inspection of ADFM’s programme “Stages of perfectionnement” carried out by independent experts on 13 and 14 May 2017. The programme delivered by the AFDM was considered to be a robust and high-quality post-license scheme that helps motorcyclists to substantially improve their riding skills.

The AFDM, a non-for-profit organisation that has been working to promote motorcycle training in France for more than 35 years, also applies different quality monitoring systems in the riding schools that are part of its network, to ensure that their programmes are delivered to a high standard.

Commenting on the award, Dr. Veneta Vassileva, ACEM’s safety coordinator, said:

“We are delighted to announce that the AFDM is the first French organisation to have been granted the European Training Quality Label. This award is a testament to the quality and to the long-standing commitment of the AFDM in the field of road safety. We are particularly impressed by the quality of the work done by the AFDM and would like to encourage French riders to apply to these training programmes”.

“Only 10 months after the launch of the European Training Quality Seal, 21 training programmes in different countries have already been assessed and awarded the label. We hope that more training providers will soon apply and that this scheme will make a positive difference for the safety of motorcyclists in Europe”.

About the European training quality label

The European Training Quality Label is a label that helps riders to clearly and easily identify high-quality post-license training programmes. This voluntary certification procedure is open to a wide range of organizations based in Europe, including, amongst others, training schools, motorcycle manufacturers and public authorities. Voluntary post-license training is vital since it allows riders to increase their safety awareness, as well as enhance their hazard perception skills.

About ACEM

The European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (ACEM) represents manufacturers of mopeds, motorcycles, three-wheelers and quadricycles (L-category vehicles) in Europe. ACEM members include 18 manufacturing companies and 17 national industry associations. About 156,000 jobs depend on the motorcycle, moped, tricycle and quadricycle industry in Europe.

About DVR

The German Road Safety Council (DVR) is a German NGO active in the field of safety. It deals with policies related to traffic engineering, traffic law, awareness-raising campaign and traffic education. DVR coordinates a wide range of activities for its 200 members, including the European Training Quality Label. To learn more about DVR please visit: 

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