Moped and motorcycle registrations in the European Union down by 3.3% in Q1 2017
02 May 2017

Moped and motorcycle registrations in the European Union down by 3.3% in Q1 2017

Combined registrations of motorcycles and mopeds in the EU have reached 254,487 units during the Q1 2017, representing a decrease of 3.3% compared to same quarter of the previous year, according to the latest figures released today by the European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (ACEM).

Registrations in France, the best performing market since the beginning of the year, reached 51,164 units (+3.35% compared to Q1 2016), whilst registrations in Italy went up by 1.11% (50,230 units). This contrasts with the situation in other large European markets such as Germany (42,525 units, -6.05%), Spain (28,851 units, -8.93%) and the UK (23,313 units, -14.9%).


Commenting on the latest figures, Antonio Perlot, Secretary General of ACEM, said:

“The slowdown in the motorcycle and moped markets is the result of the final transition to the new Euro 4 standard. A large number of Euro 3 vehicles were registered in late 2016, which explains why fewer mopeds and motorcycles are being registered in the beginning of 2017”.

“We expect the market to gain positive momentum over the coming months, particularly thanks to the launch of the new models and the beginning of the motorcycle riding season. As a matter of fact, some of the largest European markets have already surpassed Q1 2016 registration levels”.

Motorcycle and moped registrations

Registrations of motorcycles in the EU reached 193,097 units during Q1 2017 (-5.9% compared to Q1 2016). The Italian motorcycle market is currently the largest in Europe with 45,433 units registered in Q1 2017 (+1.71% compared to the same quarter of the previous year). Motorcycle registrations remained stable in France (33,884 units, +0.45%) and decreased in Germany (35,401 units, -7.12%), Spain (24,898 vehicles, -12.7%) and the UK (21,874 units, -14.28%).

Registrations in moped segment in the EU increased by 5.9% (61,390 units), led by strong growth in the two largest European markets, namely France (17,280 units, +9.5%) and the Netherlands (13,863 units, +6.47%). Moped figures remained stable in Germany (7,214 units, -0.32%) and decreased in Italy (4,797 units, -4.23%).

Registrations of electric vehicles in the EU

Total registrations of electric mopeds, motorcycles and quadricycles reached 5,447 units during Q1 2017, an increase of 31.5% compared to Q1 2016.

A total of 3,859 electric mopeds and 787 electric motorcycles were registered in Europe (+62% and +35.5% respectively), whilst figures for electric quadricycles went down from 1,178 to 801 (-32%) over the same period.


Commenting on the latest industry figures Antonio Perlot, Secretary General of ACEM, said:

“The launch of new electric models to the market confirms that our sector continues to make a valuable contribution to the sustainability of Europe’s transport systems”.

“The growth of registrations of electric vehicles in the EU reflects both the increasing interest from public authorities in electromobility, and the proliferation of shared vehicle schemes across Europe”.

“At the same time, our sector still needs a consistent approach to incentives – fiscal and otherwise – for electric vehicles, as well as a greater investment in the charging network. Although some European governments have launched subsidies to incentivise sales of electric vehicles, mopeds and motorcycles are not always eligible for these schemes”.

“This situation, which creates an unequal playfield between our sector and other means of transport, should be addressed by European and national authorities”.

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ACEM - Statistical data - Q1 2017 [xls]

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