ACEM position paper - Electric mobility and PTWs. The role of ePTWs in sustainable mobility
29 Apr 2020
With the European Commission’s renewed commitment for a “European Green Deal”, EU institutions have strengthened their determination to ensure greater deployment of electrically chargeable vehicles in the next decade. ACEM members are also fully committed…
Playing a part in the sustainability of transport. How new vehicle technology has helped meet emission standards
08 Oct 2015
Motorcycles, mopeds, tricycles and quadricycles sold in the EU comply with strict limits on tailpipe emissions and other pollution sources of the vehicle, such as evaporative emissions from the fuelling system. This has been made…
Environmental standards for L-category vehicles. ACEM document available for download
26 Nov 2008
Over the last decade, by moving from ECE 40 to Euro 3, the Industry achieved important progress in reducing the environmental impact of Motorcycles (- 94 % of CO and HC, and - 50 %…
Striving against traffic noise. The ACEM brochure that explores the field of noise exposure
08 Jun 2004
This brochure deals with the field of noise exposure and all kind of means to reduce the noise from powered-two wheelers. It aims to fill the information gap and to dispel prejudice. Documents available to…

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