International trade

Motorcycle industry concerned over potential escalation in US-EU trade relations
07 Mar 2018
The European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (ACEM) is deeply concerned at the recent press statements…
Comments on the request to reinstate action taken in connection with the EU measures concerning meat and meat products
30 Jan 2017
At the request of the US beef industry, the United States Trade Representative (USTR) has initiated Section 301 proceedings seeking to impose additional duties on certain EU exports to the U.S., including motorcycles fitted with…
ACEM position paper on EU-USA free trade negotiations
25 Jul 2014
The motorcycle industry in Europe strongly supports further regulatory convergence, the simplification of administrative procedures and the gradual elimination of duties between the EU and the US. This would bring substantial benefits to companies and…
ACEM position paper on EU - Japan free trade negotiations
27 Jun 2014
ACEM is following closely these ongoing trade negotiations, launched in the spring of 2013, to ensure that they provide new opportunities for European powered-two wheeler exports to Japan and jobs in the EU. The motorcycle…

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