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DATE: Monday, 1 December 2008

Europe has experienced a growth of the Powered Two-Wheeler fleet in recent years. An increasing number of citizens and businesses is turning to motorcycles and scooters because they offer solutions for city mobility and leisure.

The publication of the European Commission's Action Plan on urban mobility is imminent. Work has also started on the preparation of new legislation regarding the construction of powered two-wheelers, as well as reflections in view of the upcoming 4th Road Safety Action Programme for the period 2010-2020.

Against this background, in spite of uncertainties coming from the looming economic recession, the time is right to take a long term perspective and concretely reflect about the future of motorcycling. At its 5th Annual Conference, ACEM will outline the industry strategy for shaping this future in cooperation with policymakers and other stakeholders.

Malcolm Harbour MEP will be chairing the event.

ACEM members at the forefront in powered two-wheeler innovation will also showcase their initiatives in the exhibition area during the walking lunch and at the end of the conference.

Programme and downloads:

Chairman Malcolm Harbour MEP

Mattia Pellegrini, Member of the Cabinet of Antonio Tajani, Vice President of the European Commission Responsible for Transport - Keynote speech

Stefan Pierer, President ACEM
"Shaping the future of motorcycling: the PTW market of tomorrow"

Pierre Kopp, Professor of Public Economics at the Université du Panthéon-Sorbonne (Paris I)
"Shaping the future of motorcycling: Cost Benefit Analysis of a Modal Switch from Car to PTW: The case of Paris "Preliminary Results"

Andy Mayo, Motorcycle Policy Unit, Transport for London
"The eSUM project: best practices on PTW urban integration"

Jacques Compagne, Secretary General ACEM
"Shaping the future of motorcycling: the Industry strategy"


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